Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Moisturize moisturize moisturize!

I have been so tardy! BUT im back with another blogpost. Like finally.

I was on twitter n the subject of moisturizing came up.

I am a strong advocate of moisturizing! Doesnt matter if you've got dry, oily or combination skin. You must moisturize.

I was acne ridden n was spotty. Lotsa cystic acne. BUT tht did not deter me from moisturizing. People mistake that if your face is oily you dont need to moisturize but YOURE WRONG!

All you need is a proper TYPE of moisturizer.

Not only does moisturizing slow down the effects of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, it helps with keeping your face plump.

A plump face means you look younger!
You shouldnt moisturize when you're older, you should do it while you're young!

I started moisturizing probably since sec. Sch. I had really bad skin so i was alrdy on the 3 step program. I.e. you cleansing toning and moisturizing.

Started off with Johnson n Johnson Clean n Clear, then graduated to something else before starting on Olay Total Effects around 17-18years old.

I loved my Olay Total Effects. It really did what it promised. It was so good i used it throughout the whole time i was in Uni.

I felt it was my holy grail product. I cant remember what i used afterwards but i am now LOVING & ADORING my Neutrogena Hydroboost line.

It basically leaves my face moisturized for hours. I have the whole set. The hydroboost water gel for day use and the night concentrate for nights. (Its great cos it "progressively releases intensive moisture" for your face thoughout the night) I even hv the eye roll on!

I feel my skin plumped and nt dehydrated. It actually helped regulate oil production on my face because it was a water gel based product!

So dont wait any longer! Moisturize today and age gracefully!

Remember this golden rule: for oily skin, you should use more water based or gel type products.
For drier skin you can use a creamier product.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Foundation Routine

I have been absent for a realllllyy long time havent I. Been very pre-occupied because of school events and other stuff as well but I decided I would like to write a little today.

Now if you follow certain beauty gurus on YouTube you probably know that they often do an updated foundation routine.

For the uninitiated, yes foundation routines do change. Especially for those in a colder climate. The reason for this change is:

A) because the weather has changed and so makeup products change too - e.g. colder climates cause certain skin types to become drier
B) people who wear makeup often find better products that work better for their skin type (yes this involves a change in their makeup products as well)

So what IS  a foundation routine exactly?

Well basically it is a set of steps that you follow in order to get your base makeup done.

For me, I am very very very particular about foundation. This is because I want to mask certain areas such as my acne scarring and pigmentation as well as the dark circles under the eyes (yes I have low self esteem because of my pigmentation marks!) Because my skin tone is also very sallow i.e. yellow, i will look tired. No matter how much exercise I do or water I drink. Its genetic. So yes. THAT is why i use foundation.

I will probably have to do a separate post on skin tones. (I attempted to type a little already but it was already becoming an essay)

So yes. Lets go back to my actual post.

missing in the pic is my NYX concealer pot
L-R: Face powder setting brush by sigma, kryolan
transparent loose powder, Garnier Instant Fairness Roll on,
M.A.C Pro-Longwear Liquid Foundation, Neutrogena
Hydroboost, Sigma F80 Flat top kabuki brush
(my holy grail brush) & Laura Mercier liquid primer.
So my foundation routine changes roughly every 6 months or so. But it really depends. Once you find you have something that works for you, you might not even consider changing it.

My original routine included:
1) Moisturizing
2) Applying a primer (to prep the skin, make it smooth by filling in open pores or line and give you a gd canvas to work on)
4) Applying undereye concealer
5) Applying a concealer (if necessary)  NYX concealer pot
6) Applying a setting powder

So thats the foundation routine. It took me about 5-10mins max.

I know some of you gasp at the amount of products but I really want to ensure that the makeup stays on for a long time. Especially at work.

L-R: M.A.C StudioFix powder nc40, Real Techniques
Stippling Brush, Garnier Roll on, Neutrogena
Hydroboost, Sigma F80 brush, Laura Mercier primer
ZA Concealer Perfection in shade 3 
If you notice I specifically wrote liquid foundation in CAPS because that's the biggest change. I've switched to a powder foundation. I kinda rediscovered my M.A.C STUDIO FIX. I didn't realise how much i've missed it.

I used to use it but it made me look really cakey so I stopped. But now I use a different application method.

So my new routine from steps 3 onwards changed to:
1) Applying concealer to pigmentation - stipple it on using a flat top kabuki brush (sigma F80)
2) Applying undereye concealer
3) After letting concealer dry a bit, apply the M.A.C studiofix in round circular motions using a dual fibre stippling brush


It is definitely faster. I can get ready in 10mins as opposed to 15mins. So i shaved off a good 5mins. (Yeah so people are fighting wars in other parts of the world and I'm proud of this. Tsk. Yes I am shallow. Shoot me)

So some of you might not even wear foundation but put on just moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer or even BB creams.

But whatever it is, a foundation routine is about using what works for YOU.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Product Rave!

After the Travalo product review I thought I'd like to go back to a makeup item. 

Now those that have known me since I was 18 will probably know that I have been sort of a makeup enthusiast.

When I cleared out my cupboard in my dorm before moving back to Singapore, I realised that I had a LOT of products. 

At the time it was not a really large collection but substantial. 

I'm glad i didn't have that much cos it would be a pain to bring the stuff back and forth. 

So I started off pretty basic. 

Powder, blush, EYELINER( must die-die have) and a lip balm or gloss. 

Because I was schooling I just put on the basics.

Foundation application was always a nightmare for me. 

I began with two way cakes. 

Revlon, then ZA if im not mistaken. 

However it tended to MELT throughout the day. 


Damn sad. 

And the fact that I had an oily face didn't make it any easier either. 

Application of the two way cake would normally consist of the sponge. 

Then I graduated to a MAC studiofix in NC40. 

It had better payoff for sure (cos you're paying more right?) 

But I would look cakey. 

Lets just say it wasn't pretty. 

Especially when you tried to pat it on again. 

Rookie mistake. 

Then I graduated again, this time to a MAC studiofix liquid foundation. 

And i realised i REALLY liked liquid foundation! 

But application again was a major bummer. 

I tried sponge, i tried my fingers, i even used the MAC foundation brush and the duo-fibre stippling brush. 

ALL made me look streaky (except for finger application - but it made my face oilier) 

SO last year....

(yes im getting to the point of this post) 


*Sigma is a relatively new company. It sells makeup brushes and SOME eyeshadows on their website. The quality of their product is fantastic AND way cheaper than a MAC brush. I would know cos i've spent quite a sum on those! 

A lot of YouTube makeup gurus I watch use these products. 

I will link those people on my side bar for your reference! *

It is now my FAVOURITE way to apply liquid foundation! 

It is a synthetic material (so you don't have to worry if its boar hair or any other animal hair) 


it makes application fantastic. 


Firstly, its a dense brush. The fibres are packed tightly together so you can stipple the product over your face without dispensing so much product! 

Secondly, it allows you to buff the product into the skin, making it STREAK-FREE! Because lets face it, we don't want our face to look good in some areas and blotchy in others. 

Lastly, (this has got nothing to do with application) it is EASY TO CLEAN.

Yes, foundation brushes must be cleaned regularly. 

You don't want dirt and grime on your brush! 

The handle is long enough, and the barrel is a nice thick barrel for you to grip on and its AMAZING! 

My holy grail product. 

There's even a TRAVEL sized one! 

So pretty. 

SO if you DO use a liquid foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer, I reallllly recommend this product for you. 

I have been using it for the past 4-5 months and I dare say the makeup application is BETTER than ever.

Remember, if your foundation ain't great then the rest doesn't matter even if it was applied fantastically. 

You can purchase the F80 (the non-travel one) from ShoppingDistrict (local) or Sigma Beauty

On the Shopping District website they only carry the non-travel version and retails for SGD29.50 (incl. of local postage) 

However if you want to get it on sigmabeauty then you'll be charged for shipping. 

Please leave your comments or suggestions on new entries and I'll try to get an entry up on that. 

Thank you friends for reading! 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Travalo: Perfume on the Go!

Now how many of you have experienced this scenario:

You're going on a holiday and you're thinking of which bottle of perfume to ring along on your trip.

You decide and pack along your favourite one.

You pack it in your luggage and when you arrive at the airport, either it gets confiscated for not meeting the requirements


You find that your bottle broke on the journey to the destination.

Now, for those of you who say, " Not a problem, just bring the smaller version lah!"

Problem is, there is still that possibility that it may break and damage your clothes in the process.

The solution: The Travalo! The travel sized atomizer!

Now how is this different from other atomizers on the market?

It lies in the easy-to-fill concept!

No mess, no spills, nothing!

The special pump at the bottom of the travalo allows you to pump the liquid directly into the bottle without pouring!

You remove the nozzle of the perfume and attach the stick end of the perfume bottle into the bottom end of the travalo and PUMP AWAY!

I like how its small, convenient and attractive!

I especially love how EASY IT IS TO USE!!!


Its small which makes it easy to carry around.

I used to be one of those people who carried around their mini perfume bottles everywhere.

And it made my bag even heavier on top of my makeup bag and wallet etc.

It comes in variety of colours and can be found in most pharmacies.

I bought mine at SASA. A bright pink one!

It currently holds my Katy Perry perfume, Purr.

But what about the guys???

They can own one too cos it comes in a few manly shades like silver and black.

I even convinced my bf to purchase one at Mustafa Centre.

He now carries his Adidas scent in his Travalo =)

(which i adore on him hehe)

Anyway, my gf Azimah bought it immediately the day after I told her all about this product. 

She says its an amazing product. 

Girls i say this is a HIT! 

Go get one today! 


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows!

Yes. I spazz.
Only cos they're FINALLY here!

I actually ordered them from MakeupGeek last DECEMBER and they finally came YESTERDAY (10th February).

I took the first class US international postal service and it said that I should give them about 4-6 weeks. So 4-6 weeks came and went and I had not seen them at all.
So of course I emailed them and enquired about where my eyeshadows were and they asked me to give them another week.

So i waited, only cos i THOUGHT hey i ordered it before Xmas and it was during CNY that I was expecting them to come in.
Still no sign lor!

Then the nice people at MakeupGeek told me that it probably got lost.
So! They shipped me a new one at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Thanks guys! I love u!

They mailed it out on the 30th of Jan and i received it yesterday!

I did some unboxing yesterday with LOTS of photos!

i got EIGHT quality eyeshadows (some even better than MAC or UD) for USD 45.

Now some of you may be gasping at the price and thinking: "This girl is MAD!"

BUT think about it...

That's only SGD7.10 PER SHADOW!

And a MAC one easily costs more than that.

Now I LOVE these shadows.

They are creamy, super pigmented and buttery.

They are very blend-able and give really good colour pay-off.

I did a look with the shadows yesterday and i loved it.

I dare say the colours are a little better than my UD Naked Palette! *gasp*

L to R

Shimma Shimma (shimmer), Purely naked (matte), Glamorous (shimmer), Unexpected (matte), Cocoa Bear (matte), Mocha (matte), Purple Rain (matte) and Corrupt (matte)

*look at the black!*

But anyone who knows me should know that I loooooovvveee my neutrals and my browns and golds. =D

And OMG the black a.k.a CORRUPT is so DARK!

Even after rubbing it off my hand there was still residue on the back of my hand!

The colours had really awesome names like Corrupt, Cocoa Bear, Shimma shimma, Purely naked, Glamorous, Mocha, Unexpected and Purple Rain.

They fit into a ZPalette perfectly. I got my zebra print one from Shopping District. My new fave online makeup store!

The packaging that it came in was really nice.

It was in these individual sleeves like the ones MAC pro shadows come in.

The only thing that I wished for was that it came in its OWN palette instead of me having to get one on my own.

But that's not a big problem.

What else?

Oh and they're just a LITTLE bigger than your normal MAC individual shadows! So you're really getting your $$'s worth.

When i got this all the other colours were not out yet.
Marlena aka MakeupGeek had not finished with the other colours yet.
But now she has MORE!

So for those of you ITCHING to go and get these shadows and other interesting colours she has listed on her website...